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Thanksgiving Sides for Those with Dietary Needs

Thanksgiving Desserts for Those with Dietary Needs

Thanksgiving Desserts

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Thanksgiving Sides in One Hour or Less

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Jade Stone Cafe

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Article written and Published in the Royal Oaks Times

Catering From a Spectators View by Suzanne Hatcher

Lights, camera, action. For most of us this language easily conjures up an image of total chaos on a movie set coming together abruptly for a short silence and then moving forward toward the production of a world class motion picture. The scene is one made up of actors, make-up artists, engineers, set makers, stunt doubles, lighting specialists and computer technicians all in a chaotic flurry until they hear a director shout those unforgettable words-lights, camera and ….action!   


“Every detail; down to the beautiful basket of packaged food already placed in the back of the sendoff car upon our departure was thought of and it just blows me away… we owe the perfect reception to you and I don’t even think thanks is enough!”